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A Respectful Conversation about the Climate Emergency

Young people of King's Lynn - join us online on Tuesday 26 April at 5pm - 6pm

to discuss climate change issues and solutions.

Be part of devising a climate manifesto for your town!


Join this discussion to hear from a range of voices about the challenges and opportunities we are facing locally. Respectful Conversations are designed to tackle difficult topics that frequently generate conflicting views in a safe environment designed to generate deeper discussion. They have rules in place to ensure everyone is heard and voices are respected - and your voice matters! Be part of helping to identify issues and potential solutions. Join in with the discussion - ask questions , offer your opinion, respectfully disagree, - and VOTE!


During this online event, statements from the discussion will be captured and added into an app - You'll be able to vote on these statements as they appear throughout the event, helping to build consensus around the key ideas that will form the final manifesto*. The manifesto* will be shared and celebrated as part of the project's finale event at the Corn Exchange on 13 May.

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