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Have you seen these Box Heads around town or ahead of features at the Majestic Cinema? You can join in too! We are looking for at least 100 young volunteers to join us as part of the project's finale on 13 May between 5pm and 10pm.

Please see below Karen from the Klanghaus Neutrinos who has prepared a few simple instructions of what we need from you... 

Get a friend to take 5 photos of your head.


Take photos of your face from:

1. Front

2. Side

3. Back

4. other side

5. Top


Try and choose a plain background if possible.


Have good bright lighting, daytime and outside works really well.


Try three different expressions, Shocked, laughing, curious, cheeky, straight... you choose.


Keep that same expression for the front and sides if you can.


Please send your photos to 


If you are a whizz at photoshop, make them black and white with good contrast.


Size: 24cm x 24cm maximum 300dpi is good for printing.


If none of this makes sense that’s ok... just send us your photos and we’ll sort them.


You can cut them out on screen if that’s your skill... but don’t worry because we are going to cut them out with scissors!

Thank you - see you at the finale on the 13th! 

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