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Ever wanted to try making the projections you see on King's Lynn’s historic buildings? Here’s your chance. We are looking for 6 young people interested in visual/graphic arts to work with artist Karen Frances Eng to create large-scale, outdoor digital projections to be shown around town from mid-March through May and as part of the final show at the Corn Exchange on 13 May.


Learn how to use innovative digital art-making tools to create your designs such as Tagtool, a 2D live-painting and animation app, and Tilt Brush, a 3D painting and sculpting tool in virtual reality. Find out how to place designs on the 3D surfaces of the buildings, and how to test and fine-tune the works before they launch to the public. 

  • This workshop take places on Sunday 13 March from 11am to 4pm

  • You need to be aged between 14 and 25 years old to take part

  • A second optional session will take place one evening to test the work created on the outdoor projectors - date TBC

  • Lunch will be provided!

  • Sign up below

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