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Visit the 15 MANIFESTO* soundscapes around town to experience the history and ecology of King's Lynn in sound. The soundscapes were created by the young people of West Norfolk using everyday objects and cutting edge audio technologies, and reflect their responses to their future in relation to climate change. 

To enjoy this amazing artwork:

  • INSTALL THE ECHOES: interactive GPS-triggered sound walks APP onto an Android or Apple device from the app store of your choice. 

  • FIND THE MANIFESTO* soundscapes. Clicking the button at the end of this page will take you to the right page on the ECHOES website. Or use the search function within the Echoes App.

  • DOWNLOAD OR STREAM the soundscapes - streaming may incurr data charges, depending on your tariff. To avoid this, download at home or anywhere with free wifi. 

  • ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE! When you are in the centre of King’s Lynn - anywhere between the River Great Ouse, The Walks Park, The Train Station and the Docks, press START WALK to activate the audio walk. As you enter different areas, or zones, the Echoes App will play a sound-file based on the historical and ecological significance of that area.


Echoes is usually used to play a narrated guided tour. It works by geo-locating the position of your phone and then playing a sound-file appropriate to your position. We've used Echoes for an innovative arts project. Rather than give you a guided tour,  we've created a soundscape based on the history and ecology of King’s Lynn with one eye on the future and a particular focus on climate change and the young people who must face and deal with this issue.

Designed by young musicians & sound artists from King's Lynn with guidance from audio artist and musician John Kramarchuk.

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